New ACA Dues/Fee System Begins Soon

Beginning July 1, members and camps renewing with ACA will transition into the new dues/fee system. Sections have recently submitted section fee scales that complete the system, and letters detailing the new system rates and describing the renewal options available over the coming year are being sent to every member and camp in May.

What’s new?

Members: Individual ACA members transition into one of three member categories — Professional, Associate, or Business. Benefits vary by category (e.g., The CampLine becomes a benefit for Professional members). Reduced rates are available for some members (e.g., retirees, volunteers, Standards Visitors).

Camps: Organizations operating more than one camp can combine the income/expense for all their camps and pay one camp fee to ACA. Up to four of those camps may continue or seek accreditation for no additional fee. Depending on budget size, one or more Professional memberships are included in the camp fee. Each camp will still have an ACA member who is responsible for the camp’s record and information — the “ACA Liaison.”

How does this affect accreditation?

Combining camps’ operating budgets to pay camp fees does NOT mean camps can combine for accreditation. Camps are still listed individually with ACA and are evaluated individually on their same three-year visit cycles. Camps earning accreditation are still listed separately on ACA’s Web site and in the Guide to ACA-Accredited Camps.

Camps that have “combined” their records and information with ACA over the years (to save money under the old system) can now list those camps individually without paying higher fees. Only multi-site, short-term camp programs that meet certain criteria are eligible to “combine” for accreditation purposes.

For questions on the accreditation process, please contact the standards department: or 765-342-8456, ext. 333.
For questions on the new dues/fee system, please contact the membership department:  or 765-342-8456, ext. 346.
Also, check ACA’s Web site for additional information and Frequently Asked Questions: American Camping Association.


Originally published in the 2000 Spring issue of The CampLine.

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